Ready to book?

Before making your booking, please ensure you have…

  • Read all the necessary information on our website to ensure you have selected the most appropriate equipment – check the user height limits, read our terms and conditions and check the FAQs.
  • Provided the date, times and address for your event.
  • Told us about accessibility to the location – Is there anything we need to know about the location – where is the best place to park the van? Are there any obstacles such as gates or steps? Is the entrance wide enough? Have you checked the overhead height clearance and that there is sufficient space around the sides (minimum 1.5m on each side)
  • Checked that you have a 240v power supply within 50m of where you want to set up the inflatable? – If not, ask us about hiring a generator.
  • Made sure the area you want to set up the inflatable is suitable – remember we don’t hire to hard outdoor surfaces.
  • Informed us of any specific information about a hall booking – what time can you gain access and what time do you have to be out by?