Once you have booked

Once we’ve confirmed your booking, please read this important information…

A few weeks before your booking…

We will contact you to confirm the details of the booking including access to the venue to ensure straightforward delivery. We will continue to check the weather forecast in the days before the booking and communicate with you as necessary, as, for safety reasons, bookings must be cancelled should heavy rain or high winds be forecast.

On the day of the booking…

Upon arrival, the driver will take note of any safety information or displays and adhere to the rules of the site at all times. The driver will ensure that, whilst the vehicle is arriving on site, delivering and collecting, the rules of the specific highway are adhered to.

The area will be inspected for suitability. Any areas of concern such as stones or sharp objects will be removed and disposed of. The area will also be checked for suitable height & for any obstructions. I.e. cables, trees, lights. (If the area is unsuitable, the inflatable will not be set up)

The inflatable will then be laid out & unfolded into place, a ground sheet may be used. The cable(s) will be laid out and connected to electric/generator as agreed prior to arrival. The inflation device will then be checked, connected & switched on ensuring all vents are unobstructed, bent or twisted. The remaining vents on the inflatable will then be secured. The unit will then be inflated, ensuring that no one is on or near the inflatable.

Once the unit is inflated, the anchor points will be secured with sang bags (if being used indoors) or steel stakes (if being used on grass or soft ground)*. In some cases, a guide rope may be tied to any fixed object i.e. Fence posts & trees.

It is imperative that guests or other persons involved in the event do not encroach on the set up area unless specifically requested to do so. Where necessary, barrier fencing, rope or tape may be used to cordon areas off especially on public events.

The inflatables can only be used once a member of Cheeky Chimps staff has discussed the safety procedures with the hirer, and the necessary paperwork has been signed.

A member of Cheeky Chimps staff will show the hirer how to deflate the units should this be necessary during the period of hire.

Once the hire is complete…

The inflatables must be evacuated & an allocated member of Cheeky Chimps staff will ensure that no participants are left on the item whilst deflation is in progress.

Once deflation has completed, all anchor pegs, cables, blowers & generators will be removed from site & placed back into the vehicle.

The inflatable(s) will then be folded & rolled in an acceptable manor & transported to the vehicle, either by sack truck or wheel cart. When dealing with larger items, the vehicle need to drive to individual items for collection.

The area will then be checked for debris & other accessories, which will be dealt with accordingly.

The vehicle will then depart the site.

*All anchor points do not require fixing, the fixing of anchor points is dependent on elements such as location, usage, wind speed etc & will be determined on site.

** All equipment will be erected as per manufacturers / Health & Safety guidelines & under no circumstances can this be compromised in any way, regardless of aesthetics or the discretion of the venue/organisers.